International Academic Conference on Research in Social Sciences

An event of one day or multiday is called academic conference, in which researchers present their work to each other. Academic Conference or events can be held on almost any topic and many sizes. It is a platform for the students, researchers and the scholars. In this platform they can share their thoughts, ideas, findings and present papers in front of colleagues and receive feedback from them about their research. It is usually include practical workshops or event in which you can test out new information in a positive environment.

Academic research is focused on making new discoveries for the scientific community. Research is a process of systematic inquiry that includes collection of data, analysis of that data, documentation of critical information and use suitable methodologies set by academic disciplines. Research expands our knowledge base, gives the latest information and helps us to know what you are up against. Research builds our credibility teaches us better discernment.

Research in social sciences includes a variety of research approaches, techniques and tools, for collecting and analyzing qualitative or quantitative data. These methods include field surveys, action research, laboratory experiments and ethnographic research. The goal of research in the social sciences is to clarify the doubtful and correct the misconceived fact of social life. In this process new knowledge is derived to help societies progress and adapt to change. Social science research is always asking a question, form a hypothesis, conduct the research, literature review, draw a conclusion and evaluate the conclusion. Social research may be quantitative, qualitative, applied, pure, descriptive, Analytical, explanatory and conceptual research etc.

Through research we get to know the way of nature. People learn problem solving skills, they understand better of research methods, better understanding of the discipline and education path. We feel confident and independent through research in social sciences.

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