International Academic Conference on Spirituality

Academic Conference is a formal event in which scientists or researchers present the results of their study. But general conference is a conference with a wider focus, with sessions on a wide variety of topics. An academic conference is a great way to develop your own research career, expand your knowledge and develop your intelligence. In this event researchers are used to bring together with common interests and discuss issues related to a particular subject. It offers the chance to the researcher to enhance their learning about the latest research development and understand what’s happening in their world. 

Spirituality is the broad concept of a belief or sense or feeling in something greater than self. People get in touch with their own spirituality work like: Breathing, Prayer, Meditation or quiet time, Service to their community, spending time in nature, Spiritual retreats, yoga etc. Spirituality is more of an individual practice. Spirituality relates to the process of developing beliefs around the meaning of life and connection with others. Spirituality is most valuable in our life. The values of truths, love, peace, righteousness and non violence are found in all major spiritual paths. Prayer, yoga, meditation, connecting with nature and attending a spiritual or religious service are best path for spiritual connection. The basic premise describes an eternal, conscious, omnipotent and intelligent being; who is one’s real self. Body, mind and spirit are the three components of the spiritual self.

Spirituality gives us peace. To know more about spirituality like how do find spiritual self? What is actual spirituality? Spirituality level, qualities, elements, components etc. are more clearly understood by conferences, events, seminars related to spirituality. These events are organized by various places in many more countries. International conference on Architecture, culture and spirituality, conference on spirituality and medical practice, International conference on religion and spirituality in society are some upcoming conferences related to spirituality 2023.

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